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User agreement

This User Agreement ( hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is concluded between the User and the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) Department of Town Planning and Architecture (hereinafter - DMA) and regulates the use of the web portal of City information and analytical system of town planning - the Town planning Cadastre of Kyiv at: https://mkk.kga.gov.ua (hereinafter - the "Site"), which is administered by the State Administration

  1. The general part
    1. Using of the Site is allowed only to a person who has accepted all the terms of this Agreement, which is posted at https://mkk.kga.gov.ua User Agreement and other rules provided on the Site.
    2. The User is obliged to read the Agreement before using the Site. By using any part of the Site, the User agrees to the terms of this Agreement with the State Administration. If the Users do not agree with the terms of the Agreement, they are not granted the status of the User and is prohibited from using the Site.
    3. The terms of the Agreement apply to all users of the Site - both unregistered users and registered users who have any account. An account is a set of information about the user and authorization data (login, password).Угоди поширюються на всіх користувачів Сайту - як на незареєстрованних користувачів так і на зареєстрованих, що мають будь-який обліковий запис. Під обліковим записом розуміється сукупність інформації про користувача й даних авторизації (логін, пароль).
  2. Rights, duties and responsibilities of the User and DMA
    1. Full access to the Site, including acquaintance with more complete information about other users, sending messages, is possible only for the registered User (who created the account).
    2. If the Users believes that the Site contains information that violates their rights, the Users are obliged to notify the State Administration and provide with information confirming this violation. In case when the Users provide false information about the violation of their rights, they are fully responsible for the damage.
    3. The user is prohibited from:
      • to incite religious, racial or ethnic hatred;
      • to commit acts that violate the rights and freedoms, honor and dignity of any person;
      • to offend anyone;
      • use obscene language, even if it is masked by other symbols;
      • abuse the placement of non-informative information;
      • to provoke a verbal war that has nothing to do with the primary cause of the dispute;
      • create several accounts on the Site, if in fact they belong to the same person;
      • take actions aimed at misleading other users;
      • provide your account and / or login and password from your account to third parties;
      • register an account on behalf of or instead of another person. At the same time, registration on behalf of another person or legal entity is allowed, in case that the necessary competence is obtained in accordance with the procedure and in the form provided by the legislation of Ukraine;
      • post information (including any materials) that infringes copyright, trademark rights for goods, works and services, industrial property rights and / or rights to other intellectual property belonging to the State Property Fund and / or third parties;
      • post information that violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties (including the posting of photos and videos, the main object of which is a person, if this person did not consent to the posting on the Site of a photo or video with his participation);
      • to place materials of advertising, erotic, pornographic or offensive character;
      • use any computer programs for automated collection of information on the Site;
      • to collect illegally, systematize, store or disseminate personal information of other users;
      • try to gain access to the account and / or login and password of another User in any way, including, but not limited to, by deception, abuse of trust, login and password selection;li>
      • to place computer viruses or programs that can interrupt or disrupt the normal functionality of computer equipment and software, as well as telecommunications of any person..
    4. User Responsibility:
      • The User is solely responsible for any use of the information posted on the Site.
      • The User is solely responsible to third parties for their actions or omissions in using the Site.
      • The Users undertake to settle independently and at their own expense all claims of third parties related to the action or inaction of the Users when using the Site.
      • Unless the Users prove otherwise, any actions taken using their account and / or their login and password will be deemed to have been performed by the User.
      • In case that the User places information on the Site or performs other actions that do not comply with the terms of the Agreement, DMA has the right without notice, at its sole discretion, to delete the information posted by the User, including information for which it is difficult to determine compliance with the Agreement applicable.
      • In case of violation of the terms of this Agreement, DMA has the right to block the User's access to the Site and / or delete the User's account without prior notice.
    5. Responsibility of the State Administration:
      • DMA is not responsible for the use by third parties of the information posted by the User on the Site, including its copying, reproduction and distribution, carried out both within the Site and in other possible ways.
      • DMA does not indemnify for damage, direct or indirect, caused to the User or third parties as a result of use or non-use, including inability to use the Site.
      • Site, does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, its legality, quality and compliance with specific requests and needs of users of the Site.
      • DMA is not responsible for the content of sites that do not belong to it, links to which may be present on the Site, and does not guarantee their availability, correct operation and compliance with the stated subject.
  3. Confidentiality
    1. In case of using of the Site the User in any way became aware of information about DMA and / or third parties, which in accordance with the laws of Ukraine is confidential and / or trade secret, the User is prohibited from storing, using and disseminating such information.
    2. The User understands and agrees that by posting information on the Site in respect of which the User does not independently restrict access, any third party may access this information.
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. DMA has the right to amend this Agreement. All changes made to the Agreement will be available in the form of a new version of the Agreement, at the User Agreement. All changes to the Agreement shall enter into force upon their publication on the Site. By using the services of the Site, the User confirms the agreement with the new terms of the Agreement in the wording in force at the time of use by the User of the services of the Site.
    2. DMA is not liable for damages or losses incurred by the User or third parties as a result of misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Agreement, instructions or guidelines on the use of the Site, the order of data and other technical issues.
    3. The User grants DMA with the right to send him / her / them messages containing information about the Site, services or information of an advertising nature.
    4. In case that any part of this Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, the other parts of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. The waiver by either party of any provision or condition of this Agreement, or any breach thereof, shall not invalidate this provision or condition.
    5. The site is provided by DMA "as is". DMA does not guarantee compliance of the Site with the goals and expectations of the User, its constant uninterrupted and error-free operation.
    6. DMA may at any time and without notice to the User assign its rights under this Agreement to a third party.
    7. The legislation of Ukraine shall apply to this Agreement and to the relations between DMA and the User arising in connection with the use of the Site. Each party expressly agrees that the relevant courts of Ukraine have exclusive jurisdiction over any claims, disputes or differences concerning the Agreement and the use of the Site.